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Strategies to Provide Vision Care for a Lifetime of Good Health


A vision care exam is an easy and accessible entry point into a patient’s overall health and wellness.

Many people don't think about their vision care until they notice a problem.  However, a yearly eye exam can detect signs of more than 270 health conditions – including high risk chronic diseases.

Benefit plans can be structured to evaluate eye changes and provide for the earlier detection of sight-threatening eye and systemic health conditions.

This new guide from VSP, Vision Care for a Lifetime of Good Health, is a valuable reference tool for health plan clients seeking to determine the scope of their vision coverage for members of all ages. 


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Clear Vision: A Key to Fall Prevention Among Seniors


What is the leading cause of fatal injuries among older adults?



Despite public perception, falls are not a normal part of aging. They are largely preventable. 

Clear vision plays a crucial role in maintaining balance and spatial awareness: essential for preventing falls. Healthcare providers—particularly eye care professionals—are critical in any fall prevention strategy.

Find out how you can help your members avoid falls.


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For more than a decade, iCare, a VSP Vision company, has partnered with health plans to consistently achieve the coveted Five Star HEDIS rating for Eye Exam for Patients with Diabetes (EED)—the highest possible ranking. Now, we’d like to help you and your members.

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With an aging population, the prevalence of vision problems is projected to increase, resulting in higher eye-health care costs. To ensure medical necessity for ocular procedures for your Medicare and Medicaid recipients, you need an eye-health care expert on your side.

VSP - Your MVP for ROI

VSP vision coverage provides health plan members with potential early diagnosis of major health issues that can result in long term savings for Health Plan providers.

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